Do not let your heirs be the victims of the law of unintended consequences. 

Many folks believe that they only need a “Simple Will”, and that may or may not be true.  Often the thinking is “I don’t have a lot and therefore my will can be simple.”  However, sometimes the issues do not revolve around the size of your estate, but rather whether you have small children, whether you desire to disinherit a family member, the structure of your family tree if there are second marriages, or the types of assets you have in your estate. It is for this reason even Simple Wills need to be counseled and constructed properly to ensure that final wishes are carried out exactly they way you choose.

Often during a will preparation consultation, we find the clients’ needs are more complicated than they initially thought, and they want a will with a Special Needs Trust or Educational Trust built in to provide for minor children, or family members with special needs.  Issues such as property, guardianship, step children, beneficiaries, and even specific arrangements and special bequests are all discussed in detail during a will preparation consultation, so our clients have the piece of mind knowing their wishes will be carried out exactly as they intended, and their loved ones and legacy are protected.

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