Estate planning now can prevent un-needed turmoil later.

When you are gone from this Earth, you want your family to pull closer together, not be torn apart from fighting over your estate.  For their sake, plan ahead, and contact us for a Estate Planning Consultation.  Estate planning is vital for young and old to ensure tax advantages, protect assets and carry out your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate assets.

Each and every one of us is a unique individual with our own unique family situation, our own concerns and desires.  We recognize that uniqueness and that’s why you won’t find cookie cutter estate plans at our office.  We offer customized estate planning services to fit you, your desires  and your unique family situation.


Call us today and avoid these common estate planning pitfalls:


  • Dependent family members being left without financial support

  • Dependent family members being left without a home

  • Minor children being left without guardians

  • Children being left without college funds

  • Being left in a vegetative or incapacitated state with the wrong person in charge of your affairs.

  • Family heirlooms and valuables going to the wrong people

  • Property not being fairly divided

  • High estate taxes

Estate Planning: The process of establishing a plan to protect your family’s well being in the event that you are unable to do so personally in the event of death or incapacity.

Clients count on the us to create estate plans to not only reduce taxes, but also to address non-tax issues. This may include creating trusts for a child or spouse who is unable to manage his or her own assets or providing the estate with liquidity to avoid having to sell assets to pay taxes or liabilities. We also handle living trusts and revocable and irrevocable tax advantaged trusts.

When the time comes, our firm can help advise the administrators of an estate with respect to their responsibilities as fiduciaries and the administration of the estate, including the proper distribution of assets, the liquidation of liabilities, payment of taxes, attending probate court proceedings and carrying out decedents’ other wishes, including defending and/or prosecuting Will contests.


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