Have you spent your time, talents, and treasures providing for your loved ones? Would you like to see your efforts continued if you are not able to personally provide for them?

Talk with us about Estate Planning, Charitable Trusts, and Charitable Foundations and how we can help with wills, trusts, estates law.

Estate planning now can prevent un-needed turmoil later. Call and make an appointment today no matter the size or complexity of your assets and estate, our firm handles:

  • Will Preparation-Simple Wills

  • Estate Planning and Living Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Probate and Estate Administration

  • Special Bequests of family heirlooms or valuables

  • Estate liquidation and property division

  • Property not being fairly divided

  • High estate taxes

Clients count on the us to create estate plans to not only reduce taxes, but also to address non-tax issues. This may include creating trusts for a child or spouse who is unable to manage his or her own assets or providing the estate with liquidity to avoid having to sell assets to pay taxes or liabilities. We also handle living trusts and revocable and irrevocable tax advantaged trusts.

When the time comes, our firm can help advise the administrators of an estate with respect to their responsibilities as fiduciaries and the administration of the estate, including the proper distribution of assets, the liquidation of liabilities, payment of taxes, attending probate court proceedings and carrying out decedents’ other wishes, including defending and/or prosecuting Will contests.

Our consultations are free. Contact us today and avoid costly and time consuming issues later. 

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Do not let your heirs be the victims of the law of unintended consequences.  Many folks believe that they only need a “Simple Will”, and that may or may not be true.  Often the thinking is “I don’t have a lot and therefore my will can be simple.”  However, sometimes the issues do not revolve …

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Estate planning now can prevent un-needed turmoil later. When you are gone from this Earth, you want your family to pull closer together, not be torn apart from fighting over your estate.  For their sake, plan ahead, and contact us for a Estate Planning Consultation.  Estate planning is vital for young and old to ensure …

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Is there someone in your family that suffers from a medical, mental or psychological condition that requires assistance for that disability? Could Special Needs law help you? Often the programs and assistance required for these individuals are only accessed through government sponsored and paid programs.  And that means that your Special Needs Person must be …

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Have you found yourself responsible for settling the estate of a loved one who has passed away?  Maybe they planned their estate and all things are in order, or maybe they left you with a mess.  Either way, we can help.  We have represented clients in Surrogate’s Court in many different counties all throughout New …

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