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medicaid-application-avslawMedicaid utilizes some confusing and complex asset transfer rules. 

The necessity of placing a loved one in nursing home care is difficult enough, caregivers should not also have to worry about a loved one losing their life savings or being unable to qualify to get the care they need.  This is where we come in.

The Chronic Care Application for long-term care requires a “look back period” of sixty (60) months.  Any gifts or asset transfers made over the sixty months prior to the application may incur a “penalty period”. An investigation is opened on each application and any incorrect information may be cause for a denial in the application, further investigation and in some cases even charges of fraud.  If the application is denied, a Fair Hearing may be requested, in order to have the denial reconsidered.

The New York Medicaid Application process is not one to undertake without the help of competent counsel. The nice people at the Medicaid office and the Admissions Office at the nursing home are most interested in the financial interests of the nursing home and the County- not yours or your loved one.  To ensure your rights are protected, you need experienced counsel on your side.

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