Do You Need Family Wealth Protection?

Consider These Questions:


What will happen to your home, retirement and wealth if and when you become chronically ill and require extended and expensive healthcare beyond what your spouse and children can provide?

Do you know for sure to whom or exactly where your wealth will go while you are living and after?

 Do you know how often diminished wealth occurs due to unnecessary spending on attorney involvement in family squabbles and misunderstandings at probate?

Do you believe you have enough wealth to protect? 


The law offices of Arnis V. Sprancmanis focuses on and takes FAMILY WEALTH PROTECTION very seriously. With over 20 years of experience and a focus on Estate Planning and Elder Care, you can feel secure knowing that your family and legacy are planned for, properly allocated and protected against poor health, estate taxes and family squabbles.

Arnis has spent the last 20 years learning how to use the law to protect your wealth from risks! He has closely studied all applicable laws to ensure that the wealth you have worked your entire life to create goes to the people and causes to whom YOU want your wealth to go.

There are four specific things that can or will happen to your wealth —>




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There are four specific things that can or will happen to your wealth:

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